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Why do I need to contact Miami Beach about a permit if this is one-stop permitting?

We work closely with the City of Miami Beach to make the permitting process easier. However, each jurisdiction has different regulations; therefore, you need to coordinate directly with the appropriate film office which covers your location.


How do I get my location listed in the location library?
If you own or manage a property that you would like to have listed with our film office, complete the fields on our location submission page. 
Once reviewed and approved, your photos will be added to our library, and will be available for viewing by location professionals worldwide seeking the perfect location for their projects. There is no cost to list your property. Location Submission - Reel-Scout
This database is for filming locations only. For lodging/accommodations register in our production guide. Listing Registration - Reel-Scout
You must be the actual owner of the property or have the owner's permission to lease it for production.

Is there video footage of Miami that I can acquire?

Yes, we have a 90 minute tape of B-roll that covers all of Miami-Dade  County including the Cities of Miami and Miami Beach. We also have a 30  minute tape of aerials.  The usage of the footage is free of charge; however, the  County charges a fee for dubbing.  If you are interested in acquiring our B-roll,  please email Juliet Velazquez, 305-539-3084 at the GMCVB with your request.


I just moved to Miami-Dade County so how can I get connected to the local production industry?

FilMiami publishes an e-newsletter which contains information on local film & entertainment industry events, job opportunities and other announcements.  We invite you to subscribe to our e-newsletter which you can do online in the Contact Us section of the FilMiami website.  We also invite you to visit our Calendar of Events on-line to find out about local industry events that you may attend in order to network with other industry professionals. 
Local Crew and Vendors Get Listed - Register Now!


How can your office assist independent filmmakers to get their films made?

The Miami-Dade Office of Film & Entertainment does not get involved in the actual production, financing or distribution of films; however, we can assist with  locations, permitting, production information and referral services.


Do you offer any internship opportunities?

Yes, the Miami-Dade Office of Film & Entertainment offers unpaid  internships to  both high school and college students seeking academic credit. To be considered for an internship, please email your resume, contact information and availability to Marco Giron.


Can you permit for Unmanned Aircraft in the National Airspace System?

Visit the FAA website for informationconcerning operations of unmanned aircraft in the National Airspace System. 


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