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About FilMiami

The Miami-Dade Office of Film and Entertainment, branded as FilMiami, is a full-service film commission providing location and logistics assistance, film/photo permitting for the County and multiple municipalities, government liaison, production information and referral sources.

The County has two tier incentive program.  Tier one issues a grant of $100,000 for the first $1 million spent locally. Tier two issues an grant of $50,000.00 for the first $500,000.00 spent locally and the Cities of Miami Beach and North Miami also have incentives. All local incentives are stackable.
Filmiami is also a cooperative between Miami-Dade County, the City of Miami Beach and multiple municipalities to offer a one-stop permitting system. The one-stop permit process allows our production clients the ease of applying for permits for several jurisdictions all in one place.

Miami-Dade County has diverse locations, experienced and friendly cast and crew, perfect climate, beautiful natural light and all the necessary ancillary companies to serve your production needs.
FilMiami markets and promotes Miami-Dade County as a premier destination for television/film/photo/digital media, while also nurturing the local content creators that continue to develop a creative film and entertainment community.
Contact us with any questions so we can assist with making your production a success! See you soon!


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