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Water (Coast Guard)

Coast Guard Rules

◊ All filming on the water is the Coast Guards jurisdiction.
◊ The County Film Office works closely with the local
   Coast Guard office to expedite approval.
◊ Productions that are utilizing less than 7 boats and not
   having explosions, fire, SFX or weapons, the County Film
   office only needs to notify the Coast Guard. If the Coast
   Guard has any concerns, they advise, and production
   needs to adjust as indicated.
◊ Information needed to notify the Coast Guard (7 boats or
   less with no SFX, weapons, etc.):

◊ Date:
◊ Time:
◊ Brief description of project:
◊ Google Map showing the coordinates of boat(s)
   location(s) and travel route.
◊ Launch site (marina) and location:
◊ Boat info for all boats used:
◊ Boat name or Boat Registration#:
◊ Boat Captain Name:
◊ Boat Captain phone:
◊ Production Contact:
◊ Production Company
◊ Cell phone
◊ Email
◊ Marine Coordinator: (if applicable)
◊ Marine Patrol? (Y/N)
◊ If yes, which Marine patrol jurisdiction?

◊ Productions with 7 boats or more requires production filling out a 
   Coast Guard form  
◊ It can take up to 135 days for approval but Coast Guard
   tries to approve sooner.











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