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Insurance Information

In order to obtain a permit to film in any of the FilMiami jurisdictions -- Miami Beach or Miami-Dade County -- you must email an insurance certificate for one million dollars General Liability Insurance naming that jurisdiction as additionally insured.

The insurance certificate must be emailed to the film office for the jurisdiction where you want to film. The wording to appear on the insurance certificates is:
Certificate holder is named as an Additional insured as their interests may appear, but only as to respects claims arising out of the operations of the Named Insured.

Miami-Dade County
111 NW 1st Street, 19th floor

Miami, FL 33128
Phone: 305-375-3288
E-mail Miami-Dade County
City of Miami Beach
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: 305-673-7070
E-mail City of Miami Beach

In addition to the general liability insurance requirement, the City of Miami Beach has an additional Indemnity Agreement that must be signed prior to receiving a permit.

Each Municipality requires an insurance certificate naming them as additionally insured as certificate holder. Use the addresses below for the insurance certificates and email them to

 South Florida Insurance Companies:



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