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South Dade Wetlands

Lights, Camera, Action... Job Creation!


The Metro 140 Building in Downtown Miami is ready for it's close up.

Recently the 140 building has been the location for several productions. It played the FBI office in Graceland's season 3, an office for an ITT Tech commercial, and the Music Video "Austin Mahone - Dirty Work" filmed here.

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Miami-Dade’s Office of Film & Entertainment
Launches Production Assistant Sign-up Program

The Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources, Office of Film & Entertainment is launching an initiative that helps match entertainment productions to those interested in entry level Production Assistant (PA) positions.

A PA provides support to the rest of the crew on an entertainment production project. PAs work on movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos and other productions.  A PA may run errands, assist in the production office and purchase production supplies or perform ‘lockup’ so that pedestrians don’t walk onto the film set.

Graduates from local colleges and universities that offer film and entertainment programs are encouraged to participate, but anyone 18 years and older may sign up. PAs must be available full-time and need to have their own vehicle.

The Production Assistant Program will available beginning on October 5, 2015. Participants can may fill out the PA sign-up form online.  Once the form is completed, the information is entered into a database and made available to production companies looking to hire production assistants. However, there is no guarantee of employment.

This initiative is an effort to keep young talent in Miami-Dade County and grow the production base in the film and entertainment industry. To see what is going on locally in the film & entertainment industry check out FilMiami.


Miami Dade College’s Miami International Film Festival Teams Up With The Related Group To Create Grant Fund For Argentine Filmmakers

As the world film industry gathers here for TIFF, the Americas’ largest annual film event, Miami Dade College’s Miami International Film Festival, the only international film festival worldwide produced by a college or university, today announces the launch of a new program in partnership with The Related Group titled MIAMI FILM 2016. The program has been created to bolster support for Argentine filmmakers by funding the development of ongoing projects and is the second major collaboration between the two entities...

New permitting procedures effective immediately at all General Aviation Airports and Miami International Airport
Production must contact our office, 305-375-3288 first for all requests to film at any County Airport or leasehold at any County Airport. DO NOT contact the airport managers directly.
Once a permit has been applied for, production will need to fill out the corresponding Production Request form and email it to our office in order to begin the approval process. Be advised that Miami International Airport and ALL General Aviation Airports (Opa-locka, Miami Executive, Homestead General Aviation and Dade-Collier Training and Transition Airport (TNT) airports) could require up to 14 days to obtain approval.


Turtle Nesting Season Has Begun

The first turtles have arrived early at Crandon Park Beach.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) asks people not to get too close, shine lights on, or take flash photos of nesting sea turtles.

Ways to protect nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings:

  • Remain at a distance from nesting sea turtles and hatchlings.
  • Remove chairs, canopies, boats and other items from the beach at night, because they block the movement of turtles and hatchings.
  • Turn off or shield lights along the beach, in order to prevent hatchlings from getting confused and going toward lights on land instead of the salt water, where they belong.
  • Use red LED flashlights on the beach at night, adjust cell phone screens to dark mode and don’t take flash photos.
  • Fill in holes that people dug in the sand during the day, so nesting sea turtles and hatchlings don’t fall in and get stuck there at night.
  • Correctly dispose of fishing line, so it won’t entangle sea turtles and other animals.
  • Remember it is illegal to harm, harass or take sea turtles, their eggs and hatchlings, including getting too close to a nesting female.
  • Report sick, injured, entangled or dead sea turtles to the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline, 1-888-404-3922 (FWCC).

Link to Special Events Permit Conditions for Marine Turtle Guidelines.


Dade County Courthouse

Dade County Courthouse

Until further notice NO exterior filming of the Dade County Courthouse will  be approved due to construction.

RER Gift Policy:
The Regulatory and Economic Resources Department has adopted a No-Gift Policy. Employees are prohibited from accepting gifts of any kind.
(The Office of Film & Entertainment is part of RER.)