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Apply for a Film/Photo Permit

Do NOT apply for a City of Miami Permit through this website. City of Miami issues their own permits and refunds will not be issued.

Portrait Photographers must register with parks. Do not apply for a permit on this website. Email Maria Zelenka  or call 305-226-8315, ext. 4

How to tutorials:

Apply for a Permit click here
Add a Location click here
 Determine jurisdiction 

Apply Nowdisplay permit status

Important Notes:

Do not use the Back button found on the browser's menu bar at any time while during filling out the information on the application, and Do not use the Enter Key; use the mouse to click on the buttons displayed on the application screens. Note:  There is a working session timeout of 40 minutes. If you leave your browser idle for 40 minutes or more, you will need to restart your session from the beginning. We strongly recommend you finish or cancel the permit application once started.








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